Photo of Ted Allen at Roy Rogers Rodeo in 1947

Ted Allen
(Roy Rogers Rodeo, 1947)


Ted Allen broke many records on his way to 10 World Championships. Among the records is an amazing feat, 72 consecutive ringers, which he accomplished in 1955. During his 31 years in World Tournament competition Ted amassed 771 victories. He performed exhibitions at places such as Madison Square Garden and Boston Garden, and with celebrities such as Roy Rogers. Ted Allen earned nicknames such as "The Babe Ruth of Horseshoes", "The Machine" and "The Legend".


Ted designed the shoe bearing his name and placed it on the market in 1938. He won his last 7 World Championships with it. The popularity of the Allen shoe grew until over 75% of the World Championship entrants pitched the Allen shoe. Ted had difficulty keeping up with the demand, especially the last few years of his life. Although Ted was behind by over 1000 orders many people were willing to wait 2 years for Allen shoes. As one person wrote, "If I can't have Allens, I might as well not pitch."

Side Notches: Specifically designed as a guide in holding the shoe in your own manner for whichever finger you need to balance the shoe. Consistency will make the shoe open to the peg more often.

Hardened Points: The points are hardened on Dead Soft and Medium Soft shoes in order to retain the shape of the points and hooks for more ringers long after the rest of the shoe is battered. Only the points are hardened in order that rebound may be reduced when any other part of the shoe hits the peg.

Photo of Ted Allen horseshoes

Hardness: Available in Dead Soft (0) or Medium Soft (1). Dead Soft shoes are recommended for achieving the highest potential ringer percentage; however, a Dead Soft shoe will beat up more quickly. Conversely, Medium Soft shoes will not beat up as quickly, but a Medium Soft shoe will bounce off the peg more easily.

Balanced Weight to aid in pitching a flat shoe. Each pair is matched to within 1/10 of an ounce. The weight and dimensions of each shoe are carefully checked to meet the tolerances set by the NHPA.

Drop Forged for strength and come with a two year warranty.